Who we are

We specialise in creating attractive communications that are easy to use, read, and understand. We work with large and small businesses alike, to ensure that all communications meet your needs as well as your customers/users and colleagues.


Clare Carey

Clare is an information designer with a particular interest in strategic, usable and ethical design. Read more about Clare

Matt Carey

Matt is an information designer with particular expertise in web and user interface design. Read more about Matt

Jo Lankester

Jo is an Information Designer whose interest lies in usable and ethical design both in print and on the web. Read more about Jo

Mike Robinson

Mike is a web developer who specialises in clean front-end mark-up and content management system development. Read more about Mike


Further team members

We have an extensive network of consultants and freelancers, as we believe in customising our teams to meet your requirements.

Further skills include:

  • Graphic designers and Typographers
  • Programmers (Perl, XML, Java, Python, HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, Visual Basic/VB script, Movable Type)
  • Movable Type development and plugins
  • Writers, editors and clear language specialists
  • Photographers
  • Illustrators
  • Type designers

As information designers we have particular expertise and experience in:

  • websites which look good and are easy to navigate whether visually/physically impaired or able bodied
  • forms that are easy to understand, complete, and process
  • detailed documentation such as diagrams, reports, and invoices that are easy to understand, and reinforce your brand
  • annual reports and accounts that display information clearly and accurately, delivered on time and within budget
  • brochures and leaflets that are attractive, on brand, easy to read, and economic to produce
  • internal and external communications, such as letters, faxes, and emails which are consistent and fit for purpose.

Lift consists of a small core team who bring high quality design at affordable prices. When required, we collaborate with a range of like-minded colleagues to build specific teams to ensure that the best people and experience are involved in each project.

Climate Care logo

To reduce our impact on the climate, we are offsetting the carbon emissions from our business with Climate Care.

Climate Care is an organisation that reduces greenhouse gas emissions on behalf of companies and individuals by running projects across the world. As well as cutting greenhouse gases, the projects help to improve people’s standards of living and protect wildlife habitats. To find out more about Climate Care and its projects, see www.climatecare.org.