Betting.Betfair iOS app

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As part of our ongoing work on the Betting.Betfair blog network, we were asked to design and build an accompanying iOS app.

Betting.Betfair is fully responsive, but Betfair wanted to provide a dedicated iOS version to accompany the site.

We designed the app interface, starting with wireframes before moving onto UI designs. All the design work had to follow the Apple iOS interface guidelines, and keep in the Betfair brand.

One of the project challenges was how to deal with updating the content in the app, without effecting the main website and CMS. Rather than the app pulling content directly from the CMS itself, and potentially causing slow-downs, we built a custom proxy service. The proxy sits in-between the iOS app, and the CMS, and allows us to push data backwards and forwards.

After launching the Betting.Betfair iOS app, we continue to provide support and updates, adding new features over time.

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