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Disability Law Service (DLS) approached us to design and build an interactive legal advice tool, funded by the Legal Education Foundation. The tool would allow people to answer a series of questions, and find out if they were eligible for reasonable adjustments.

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Called WorkRights, it would be:

“A guide to whether your employer is legally obliged to make adjustments so that you can work efficiently and effectively in your workplace.”

We designed a system of ‘nodes’ with branching questions, which could be managed by the client. When a user visits a node, their answer determines which node they visit next. By answering all the questions, the user is presented with an outcome and whether they require reasonable adjustments.

The WorkRights website needed to be accessible, and we followed latest industry practices to ensure this was the case.

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We also connected the bespoke Rails app to the legal software used by DLS, via an API. This allowed users to be turned into legal cases, if they qualified.

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